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The Imaginarium: A Letter from Overseas
Dear Lavelian,
it has been a long time since my last letter. The days are passing by with ease and the endless ocean is quiet and calm. I´m almost a year on this journey and still trying to figure our what this strange objects have in common.
The world is full of mysteries and it is unlikely that I will unravel all them. The Imaginarium is apparently such a mystery I will never decipher. To open the mechanical chest, was hard work, but not impossible. Unfortunately, I failed at the legendary Imaginarium itself: A book full of wonderful as well as strange writs, and much more.
This Journal tells the story of places and things that are outside of the ways that we know of this world and it leads the reader through the curious journey like a long forgotten memory. Perhaps the truth is that not a single secret is included in this book, and it is only the existing evidence that life is so much more interesting with a myth to solve. Unimaginable, isn't it? If this should really be only a
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The Way of a lonly Warrior´s Dream

Projects in my head and I work on (beside everything else)
Comics and Artbooks: (General)

Needless to say, large projects need a lot of time and especially money. Since the cash is a little tight, I have to take it slow. Since the development has higher costs than the budget can currently bear, which is why very time intensive projects are taking longer and longer. I will still work in them, but fuck the system I will do it in smal steps.

Meanwhile I can go back to write stories and try to be an artist again, over all those years. I work hard for my dream so... I will take the time I need, no matter what. Below you can see bigger projects which I work on in the moment with other artists.


#1. "Knighthood & Honor" - Summary:

The kingdom of Khalban attracted many brave warriors to its boundaries and really bold ones even furthermore. Like many other mercenaries, warriors and knights, especially two unique men traveled far to come to Khalban. Their thirst for adventures and chinking steel were unmatched. So they left for the said kingdom, which was meant to be young and wild and a place to allay the bellicosity for a good cause. This confirmed their opinion for doing the right thing.

These two knights were none other than: Volmar from Bernsttet, the iron lumberjack and Gildas Ulrichson from Jesttet, the most chivalric of all knights. There story began in a forest in wild and unexplored lands in the north of Khalban. In a hard fight for the honor of being the strongest knight in all of Khalban both fought truely tirelessly for their pride and glory. Each battle calls for a winner or a loser. Or will both knights met a unexpected fate?


In Cooperation with Zach Sharpe
from the Lordran & Beyond Team


#2. Projectname: "The Book of forgotten Tails"
Story: "Forgotten Suffering" - Summary:

These life stories tell of great deeds which, however, were forgotten over time. Now gathered together, they present only one thing: evil can to be found everywhere. While the greatest evil attracts all the attention of great rulers and nations, the small tyrants can expand and maintain at the same time their power unaffected.

In "Forgotten Suffering", the reader follows the tragic story of the warrior Aigil, who leads his people in a war which is lasting over generations. When the dark king's greed becomes intolerable, Aigil breaks the armistice and starts a new war throughout the empire. The adjacent kingdom of Bargond heard about the unexpectedly resistance of the battered army of Rointoko, which gave the King of Bargond the opportunity to lead the war into the territory of his foe.

In spite of the bitter losses, the tyrant succeeded in defeating the invaders and plans to exterminate the folk of the Kitsune, the red foxes, once and for all. He forcibly withdraws the army of Bargond and lay siege to the sacred temple-fortress Yoto. But will the remaining Kitsune be able to withstand the attack?


In Cooperation with Relajavo


#3. "The Liaison of Acedia" - Summary:

The streets were ruled by silence. The depths of the night, which was held back by a dome of light, decended over the skyline. Over her head loomed a sea of darkness. Abomination hidden in the shadows of depravity. The light might illiminate this city, but the shadows it casts were more dangerous than ever. At least this was this appropriate metaphor that made Arcade feel she believes in the right faith of hope. Of course there were also a lot of facts to do so, but a mystical discription made it for her even more real than numbers and statistics. And her father always said so nicely: Don´t beliefe any statistic you haven´t fake yourself. The young everyday heroine saw down on the city with a smile.

An everyday Heroine. Nothing more. She was not like others that had millions on their bank account and are hunting down criminals as a kind of hobby or something like that. Nor did she have any real superpowers like some rare people out there. But at least she was able to travel through digistructed portals. Or the fact that she got a cool energy shield, and her hightech sword was pretty awesome, too. One bad thing about herself? She never really know when the time has come to call for help. Many friends told her that she was completely crazy and risked her life for nuts. Even many of the low crooks asked her what the hell was wrong with her. In the end none of them idea had a idea what had hit them or take them down. For Arcade all of this was without meaning. Epicly she stood on a roof and enjoyed the wind in her face, which did not smell like exhaust fumes this night. Arcade Metro, the everyday heroine of district seven of Rimcity. Yes, she could say that with pride. Even if there were still much cooler places too go. Unfortunately the most of them had already their secret protectors.


In collaboration with TSRodriguez



I hope everyone has a great time!
Tomorrow I will fly away to Ireland :D
With my new camera my trip to ireland will gonna be perfect!
Now I can make so much wonderful pictures as I want too!
Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

(I should have say, that I will start my travel on the 24. April ^^"
So... a lot of work is still remaining for me.)
Actually I wanted to upload more today, because I got some time to fix some errors, but hell no, my Internet is not going to make it. Well, I have two uploaded anyway. Whatever.
Llama Emoji 41 (Sleepy) [V2] 
Logging in into DA, instant-"Nani?!" and dafuq-thoughts.
I love this biting pear. I should make one... or not... I don´t know.
This emoticons are... disturbing.

Maybe... I buy one pear and make it come to life... nope, better not.
The "last" story is mostly the reason for anotherone.
And will we ever know when our last story will come?
I guess, we may never know.
(Only just a dream...)
Qube Core
aims to be a partner for illustrators, graphic artists and artists of all sorts of art and the general spirit of inspiring creativity.

Pre-eminence is given to the preparation of, for example, artbooks, comics, posters and other print media, as well digital versions of those pieces and various forms of books, including traditional handcrafted books.

By granting orders, cooperation in large projects or the attempt of o
rder placement for freelance artists to give them the possibility to of an approximately regular incomes or side job opportunities. However, this can only be achieved by a corporate development of those plans with a progress in small steps. Just like that Qube Core reserves the right until the end to decide which cooperations the company is willing to offer or will be in interest in terms of the business plan.

It is the faith and the dream of inventive creativity that inspire and delight us.

(The truth...)
Myself has to deal with privat problems of the daily struggle, maybe loosing my job over this year and to get Qube-Core started. Well, mostly it looks bad... like absolutely dump to continue to fight against everything in my way, plus all the undying hope to be victorious, but... hey no fucks are given these days.

2017 will be a hard year for myself and my idea of Qube-Core. It is for sure that I can´t handle this all alone. There is no doubt that cooperations are truly in need and I hope that I will find partners to make this year successful. So, let´s see what will happen. Shell we?


Qube-Core's Profile Picture
David Ramharter
About myself:
I´m an creative person with the passion for literature, art and bookbinding. I want to share my ideas and find new inspiration arround the world!

- my Job: Bookbinder
- my Hobby: Author
- my destiny: idea producting machine
- my business-goal: Company Man

- I'm not an: Artist
- I just own this artwork for my characters and ideas!
- I want to be an: Artist (i try... and cry)
- Loves to get/collect Artwork


Everything I do or I work on is just in progress and not finished yet!
Please read my entry, if you want to know more!

But if you got any questions about the projects or something else contact me at:

Or send me a note... but don´t expect me to answer soon. Got a lot to do.


About QCC (my "fictitious" company concept idea):

The Qube-Core Company (QCC) stands for creative innovation, variety and the development of new paths, which have to be discovered and taken. If imagination is our magic, then phantasy is our spell. A single idea will be the spark that ignites the fire of the thirst for action. And even when everything should be doomed to failure, there is no doubt. It all began with a story and it will rise again this way.

- What exactly my aim for this dream of creativity?

1. Card Games
2. Comics
3. Books
4. Promotional Items & Merchandise
5. In the following years, maybe more stuff
6. Collaborations with other companies or creative people
7. (if even possible) Music and Video Games

At the end:
The "Q" in "Cube" was misspelled on... purpose.
(It´s obvious, Captain.)


There are currently no active polls.

Press the +deviantWATCH button on this page to get notified about new polls!


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